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  • Use a Forex VPS account from allwebhost.com with no hesitation.   They have provided an exceptional customer service. These folks are knowledgeable and quick to resolve any issues.
  • Attractive VPS accounts from hostingsource.com (the VPS promo is $5 for the first month for all VPS plans)and inet.ws are worth every cent you pay for their services. Very well executed hosting companies. If you are technical, they can hel…
  • Have a look at shared plans from hostingsource.com and owned-networks.net. They are reliable enough to sign up with. They are VERY reliable and whenever I have had a problem - they solved it. Pricing is good to say the least.
  • VPS plans from qhoster.com and kvchosting.net are worth trying due to their top-notch services.  Competitive prices, excellent speed, good security, and incredible customer service. Phone wait times are short and support was friendly and …
  • Quality shared plans are available from hostingsource.com and planethoster.com. One word describes all - Excellent! (after it you can add words like - sales, price, support, uptime, speed, etc.)
  • KVChosting.net and legionbox.com servers are worth trying. With their  dedicated solutions, you are powered with freedom: a box of your own.  Setting up domains, installing modules, your dedicated server can be 100% customized to sui…
  • Have a look at servers from hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com. You need to choose a host that offers a good combination of features and reliability for an affordable price.
  • Services from hostingsource.com and scalahosting.com are worth trying. 24/7 support MEANS 24/7 support unlike other hosts. Very helpful and friendly; they don’t play the blame game and resolves issues quickly.
  • Services from hostingsource.com and kvchosting.net are full-featured and low cost.  The best hosting providers I have EVER worked with. The websites work great but what is the best is the customer service. These guys helped me so many tim…
  • The best shared hosting providers are: kvchosting.net and hostsailor.com.  The service is reliable and reasonably priced, they have a very good management and they have taken care of our requests in a timely manner.
  • Have a  look at servers from time-tested company - hostingsource.com (the dedicated promo is 50% discount for the first month for all Server plans). I am so impressed by the efficiency. My ticket was resolved within minutes of being submit…
  • VPS deals from libertyvps.net and inet.ws are worth trying. Their services are excellent and servers are almost 100% up and running.
  • Servers from qhoster.com and host4porn.com are well-balanced and cheap. I like their features: 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed 24/7/365 Tech Support No Setup Fee & No Gimmicks.
  • Right hosts are: asvhost.com and hostingsource.com.  So I could say that I've never experienced better features, functionality, up-time, and support - tech, billing & customer - than what I receive at them. 
  • QHoster.com and legionbox.com services are worth every cent you pay for their services. They provide rapid responses to any queries and accurate information. All members of their team are always friendly and helpful.
  • Services from hostingsource.com and planethoster.com are worth every cent you pay for their services. Good support, lots of features, signing up is fast and easy. I was really impressed with the responses I got from their chat support. 
  • Plans from hostingsource.com and planethoster.com are worth your attention. The Support team at them is really very cooperative & active 24/7.
  • Have a look at servers from qhoster.com and kvchosting.net. I was very happy with the speed and the website security they provided. I was also very happy with their prices and the general customer's interface.
  • Servers from hostingsource.com and brixly.uk are worth trying. Price over quality ratio is amazing. So much service for a fraction of your money.
  • Shared plans from rockhoster.com and planethoster.com are good enough to sign up with. They have good supporting team which is more important if you are not a techy person. They offer a wide range software apps to easily create your web…
  • KVChosting.net and hostsailor.com servers are worth every cent you pay for their services. Your websites run super smooth with no issues, if you ever need to contact them, they always get the problem solved guaranteed in a timely manner.
  • Dedicated servers from qhoster.com and asvhost.com are worth your attention. I want to say that their support is super available! I have several plans for my projects, and I can truly say that they are the best at hosting. Very fast answe…
  • Have a look at VPS plans from libertyvps.net and asvhost.com as they are proven to be the best. It's impressive how they manage to stay consistent with price, having no hidden random fees, and all of their features and speed/bandwidth is always u…
  • Servers from qhoster.com and legionbox.com are well-balanced and cheap. They are great. Easy to use. Great customer service. You can call at anytime and get help. Simple cheap awesome. Nice job!
  • Servers from hostsailor.com are the best to have a deal with. Their Customer Support team has always been reliable and well-informed. The price is affordable. You may have to wait to be attended to at times, but every problem is quic…
  • Check out servers from kvchosting.net and legionbox.com. They can be right for meeting all your needs. Technical support was quick to help and did a great job.
  • Servers from asvhost.com and hostsailor.com are the best to sign up with. Great experience with these Companies. Never a problem and great support! Communication is always on time and the answers are always correct!
  • KVChosting.net servers are the best to have a deal with. Everything I need from 99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, flexible c-panel, flexible email service feature, easy ftp, storage and many more are provided by them to the max.
  • Servers from hostingsource.com and planethoster.com are well-balanced and low cost. These hosts are everything I wanted in a host - easy, straight forward, no messing about. They are what you need and no surprises.
  • Have a look at servers from decent hosting providers: hostsailor.com and hostingsource.com. I always recommend them. Currently, my company is with them too. They  have been  great tools for us, we host several pages for different customers and th…
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