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VPS to sign up with ...

Comapring VPS accounts from rockhoster.com and legionbox.com, which way is better to follow and why?


  • I am a webmaster and have had many host over the years, none of them stood behind what they said. Rockhoster.com kvm vps host does. Highly recommend for anyone who wants an inexpensive, easy to user hosting provider. I trust them 100% with ALL my accounts.

  • My main feeling concerning NetShop Isp is a sense of relief. What I want to recommend to others is, their customer service. Reliable service, good value and most importantly excellent customer and technical support.

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  • I really appreciate all the work profvds.com did for me and wanna thank them. My site has been up from the very beginning, never had any problems. I run a forum on it and I didn't expect a host to be that fast. Recommended!

  • mariavasonskaya93mariavasonskaya93 Member, Provider
    Looking for a new and stable host is a challenge. Here is my solution, which I actively use - hostpro.com.
    I have been a customer for the past year and I am completely satisfied with their services. This hosting offers a wide range of hosting packages that can meet different user needs. The servers are stable, fast, and have reliable protection against cyber attacks.
    Their support is also impressive in its efficiency and willingness to help with any issues.
    I am sure they can be a good option for your VPS hosting needs. I recommend that you consider their packages and compare them with other providers before making your final decision.
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