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cheap dedicated hosting accounts ?

Good day,
I want to know about the quality of Centohost.com server hosting services.
My budget is $200/mo. 2 TB - HD, 24 GB - RAM, 20 TB - Bandwidth
I am planning to host my huge traffic web site at cheap dedicated hosting account.
Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?


  • QHoster.com and ASVhost.com servers are trustworthy enough to sign up with.
    All is good, nothing negative to say, support is very fast, all problems are solved in a very short time at a very affordable price . I recommend them without any reservation, go to them .
  • It's too soon for me to fully rate everything having to do with centohost.com provider, but I can already see great things! I have not used any of the tools provided, but they have them and that is what matters to me right now. I am excited to start learning.
  • Cheap servers are available from QHoster.com and Legionbox.com.
    Their servers are fully-redundant, scalable and flexible, control panel is usable and has web master-friendly interface and prices are not high.
  • Highly recommend Centohost.com dedicated server hosting solutions to anyone! I've recommended them to several people who now also use them and are impressed with their uptime and website speeds.
  • Use servers from reliable hosting providers: QHoster.com and ASVhost.com.
    Excellent - say no more!They are fabulous service, community and I have learnt so much from support. They are always there to help. Their technical support is amazing.
  • 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, No doubt Cloudarion.com being a great web hosting provider to host your website/s with! Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value.
  • Give Centohost.com provider a try. All of their servers look great and pricing for them is reasonable. Based on the number of positive reviews from users who have been with them for a long time, can say that you can rely on them.
  • For dedicated hosting, I am damn sure you will get quality service from Accuweb Hosting. As you have mentioned your requirements, they have cheap plans that perfectly suites for your budget. They are giving you all the options to select a customized configuration and many add-on resources. They provide the options of fully managed and self-managed in dedicated hosting plans. Also, they give DDoS protection and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They have excellent technicians with the availability of 24*7.
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  • ed1909ed1909 Member
    Cheap and reliable dedicated hosting with good support only at fresh roasted hosting
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