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Server to sign up with ...

Servers from kvchosting.net and hostsailor.com are attractive for me and I have to stick to the best one, so which way is better to follow? 


  • I am very satisfied with Zakservers.com web host. Servers are solid stable and never have a problem. Wonderfully thorough and responsive support. They helped me with all the issues and i must say that they are really knowledgeable.

  • MaekfeeMaekfee Member
    Think GTHost.com would be a good place for getting dedicated servers in 17 locations. Setup was fast and easy. Hosting Package prices also amazed me. Features fit my needs perfectly. Recommended!

  • MyWebSMyWebS Member
    Have a look at servers from hostingsource.com and asvhost.com.
    They have never failed to impress me with its quick and caring response to my questions, issues & concerns.

  • ahmedarain17ahmedarain17 Member, Provider
    I think you should choose the provider according to your hosting needs my recommendation is Kvhosting because it is cheap reliable and scaleable 
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