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Right server to sign up with ...

Comparing servers from hostnamaste.com and digitalserver.com.mx, which plan is betetr to have a deal with and why?


  • Identifying the hosting necessities in such a way that you can assess and compare the various options available, is one important step in choosing the right hosting providers. Consider the following factors as you start to describe your qualifications in choosing the right one.

    You should always choose a provider based on the needs of your site. Make sure that the features and services provided by the company fulfill your requirement. I'm sure that you want your site to be functioning in optimum condition and you would want Internet users who visit your site have a good time viewing your site.

    Reliability is the key to a smooth operating website. That is often the key to success. Therefore, you will definitely need to select hosting provider that provides 24/7 customer support. It is best to get companies that provide support via live chat, phone and email tickets. With this, you will know that even if you have a problem in the middle of the night, you know where to get help.

    It's imperative to judge a hosting provider by the company they maintain. You have to evaluate their website and check for customer reference and testimonials. Ask in details about the types of companies they cater and check if you are fitting for their business.

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  • Depends on your needs. If you are not sure -  go with unmanaged server. The best unmanages server provider is gthost.com.

  • GomarryGomarry Member
    Servers from exmasters.com and hostsailor.com are well-balanced and cheap.
    Not complaints up to date. Not a single, at all! Site is always up and speed is just great.

  • RootballRootball Member
    I think that is very important to understand and do something against DDoS. I recommend to use the providers which have DDos protection included. If you check zakservers.com you will be able to find such solutions.

  • ownwebservers1ownwebservers1 Member, Provider

    Ownwebservers offers both managed and unmanaged services on Linux and Windows operating systems. The entry-level VPS deals guarantee 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, and 30GB SSD space. VPS Hosting plan starting $7/month.

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    VPS 1

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    • Operating System: Centos7

    • Additional IP's: Optional

    • Control Panel: Optional

    • Additional Disk: Optional

    • Server Backup: Optional

    • Server Management: Free Support

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  • HortHort Member
    Servers from hostingsource.com are worth trying.
     They are very easy to work with and do a great job of keeping the sites up all the time. They are also priced well so that they are affordable to basically anyone who would want to use them.

  • etechsupportetechsupport Member, Provider
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