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Low cost shared provider

Is that rockhoster.com or libertyvps.net?


  • myresellerhomemyresellerhome Member, Provider
    When looking for a Shared hosting provider, there are a few key features to keep in mind. The first is how much control the host gives you over your website's settings and content. The second is how reliable the host is and how often issues are addressed. Third, consider how user-friendly the host's interface is. Fourth, assess whether the host offers any extra features or services that could benefit your business. Fifth, make sure the host has a good support team available should you need assistance. Finally, check out reviews of other users to get an idea of quality and price before making a decision.
  • rockoloprockolop Member
    I chose Rockhoster.com a year ago because they had the cheapest prices but it turned out they had the best support as well. They also allow integrated email communication with their support tickets which is a time saver. They help me out a lot and they are always there to support me when i need it.

  • I'd recommend hostforweb.com to anyone looking for a low-cost as well as reliable hosting located in USA. The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.

  • MyWebSMyWebS Member
    Check out plans from kvchosting.net and qhoster.com as these hosts are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    They have the fastest, cheapest, best features and best support that I have ever had.

  • ownwebservers1ownwebservers1 Member, Provider
    If you want the best web hosting for your blog, I recommend ownwebservers, which is one of the best and most economical hosting service providers in the United States. Their web hosting plan starts at $3 per month and includes a variety of services.

    Free Domain Name Included
    Host Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
    Free SSL Certificates
    PHP/ CGI / JSP / Perl
    mySQL / MariaDB
  • There are a few important aspects to bear in mind when searching for a shared hosting company. The first is how much power the host gives you over the configuration and information on your website. The second factor is the host's dependability and how frequently problems are resolved. Third, think about the host's interface's usability. Fourth, determine if the host provides any extra features or services that can be useful to your company. Fifth, confirm that the host has capable support staff on hand in case you require assistance. Before making a choice, consider customer reviews to obtain a sense of the price and quality.
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