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Best EU server provider

What's the best EU server providers?
Is that hostround.com or luxhosting.lu?


  • One of the important decisions you'll make when you decide to put your business on the web is which web hosting provider to use. The web hosting company that hosts your personal page may not offer the best plan for your business needs. Here are some things to take into account when you're looking for a web hosting provider for your professional web pages.

    Choice of Hosting Services

    Look for a hosting provider that offers all the services that you need to build the web site you want. Some of the services that make a good deal even better are:

    Reduced price or free domain registration

    When you're building a company web site, having your own domain name is essential to present a professional image. Many hosting providers will register your domain name for free, and take care of all the details of renewing and updating information so that you don't have to worry about it.

    Secure server transactions on their server

    If you're planning to accept payments or exchange personal information over the Internet, access to a secure server is an absolute must. Look for a hosting package that includes SSL in its basic price.

    PHP and mySQL support

    If you choose a UNIX server, PHP and database support can give you powerful tools for running applications and forums, content management systems and more. Most business and e-commerce plans include them.

    Design Services at reduced prices

    Many web hosting providers offer professional web design services to their customers at a discount. If yours does, consider taking advantage of it. A professional looking web site inspires confidence in your customers.

    You can find a hosting provider that offers all the features that you want at an affordable price. It only takes a little comparison shopping to come up with the best business hosting for your professional web site.

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  • RootballRootball Member
    edited October 7
    For me, Rockhoster.com EU hosting is the most professional I've ever used in that region. This web host, besides a robust infrastructure, has an exceptional support. They've handled every ticket quickly, and with the responses you'd want from the very start.

  • HortHort Member
    Services from hostround.com and luxhosting.lu are well-balanced and supported perfectly well.
    You'll be pleased with them. Wonderful/dependable customer service who are always online. They have no hidden fees-very upfront about prices.

  • I use exmasters.com EU web hosting service for hosting a set of personal websites. Excellent pricing for a lot of room and features, very fast server, Great and known Cpanel with a load of features plus Free web site builder.

  • RoletterosRoletteros Member
    edited October 19

    I'm really happy with cloudarion.com SSD VPS, almost never any issues. Servers are fast, heaps of spare processing power, database queries happen very quickly. If you want a website for you, your family, friends, blogs, etc - it is an ideal solution.

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