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Can we use shared hosting for high traffic site? Add Your opinions and lets find conclusion

RahulRahul Member, Provider

I Think Yes, we can use shared hosting for high traffic websites, as they are capable of handling more than 100,000 visitors per month. In order to have a better understanding of how many visitors a shared hosting can handle, we have to need to determine the factors that will affect the website performance. 

To begin with, you can check with your host the type of servers that are being used, the amount of CPU and RAM they have packed, and the ability to scale. Once the website is live, you can check its efficiency through the benchmark tests, and determine what needs to be improved. 

Further, the availability of third-party tools, such as Pingdom and GTMetrix gives detailed information, and tips to optimize the speed of your web pages. Such additional services are provided by the shared hosting service providers at different charges. Furthermore, if on a single server, 

one website receives a significant amount of traffic, this could impact the performance of the others, resulting in the longer time taken by the website to load. 

This leads to a high bounce rate and unhappy customers. If such are the cases you can upgrade to Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is a step up from shared hosting.


  • S4_HostingS4_Hosting Member, Provider
    The question is very vague...

    'High traffic' is pretty subjective, I wouldn't consider the 100,000 per month visits that you mentioned to be high traffic. 

    Also are you talking about a static site serving a single page or an e-commerce site, which would have massively different server demands. 

    Finally, not all 'shared hosting' is created equal. Shared hosting could be something well managed, with a low number of tenants on a well specified server, OR it could be someone trying to cram as many sites as they can manage onto a smallish VPS. 

    Yes, some shared hosting is absolutely fine for sites with that kind of traffic and some probably is not. 

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  • sumeethannurkarsumeethannurkar Member, Provider

    No it will get suspended if resource usage is exceeded as shared hosting users have limitations

  • The answer depends on what is your definition of High Traffic. The best we can do is figure out how much traffic Shared Hosting can handle and decide whether it’s suitable for a site or not. In general sense though, Shared Hosting is not preferred for high traffic sites.

     How much traffic shared hosting can handle depends on a lot of factors like your hardware software configuration, number of sites on the same server, what amount of resources are allocated to a user, and how many sites can be hosted in a single account etc. 

    Still any reliable hosting provider should be able to provide you a shared hosting plan which will be able to handle 2000-3000 visitors daily or 90000-100000 visitors monthly. 

    Hence any person who has that much traffic can run a site easily with shared hosting without any interruption. If a site has more traffic than that, it is advisable to them that they can either shift to a VPS or dedicated server in order to provide better user experience.

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