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Low cost server to sign up with ...

Comparing servers from hostingsource.com and legionbox.com, which plan is the best to have a deal with? 


  • The best servers can be got from reliable providers like bodHOST.com
    Their support services are prompt and efficient. It provides a wide range of professional facilities, all in generous quantities, and at a fantastic price. These companies suit your budget.
  • I'm impressed with the folks at hostingsource.com web host. They provide the information, services and tools for users to really work with a website and to develop it properly. Great value for money and many packages to suit individual needs.

  • I've been using hostforweb.com web hosting service for over 8 months and I've only had minor issues with them. I must say I've saved good money and the hosting has been rock solid, fast. Thumbs up!

  • HortHort Member
    Servers from kvchosting.net and hostround.com are good enough to have a deal with.
    I have found these guys very competent & dedicated. As far as the price is concerned, they are quite good in price & offering very cheap rates to customers with great response & services.

  • I think that instead of cheap dedicated server you can always have a look at VPS services.
    I know a few good providers:
    There you can have good VPS service according to your budget.

  • Servers from QHoster.com and KVChosting.net are solid and trustworthy.
    Amazing tech service and overall excellent customer care. I recommend them  to everyone looking for a dependable web host.

  • etechsupportetechsupport Member, Provider
    I just check that server at inxy.com cost-effective and affordable  but I don't know about there service, you can check it
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