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  • Can recommend you try Tzulo.com web hosting service. Every time I got some questions, I ask them online, no waiting times, there is always some one waiting there online to help us, it's just amazing.
  • Try Greenwebpage.com website hosting in Europe. I have not been disappointed. Site uploaded and mail lists set up without a hitch - and any technical query dealt with immediately. Highly recommended
  • After you sign up with kvchosting.net SSD web hosting, they contact you during the first week just to know if you are happy and have no technique troubles. The features they offer are nearly endless, and their customer support is simply outstandin…
  • I am happy using QHoster.com web hosting services. Run many websites on their dedicated servers and everything works perfectly! Excellent pricing for a lot of room and features, nice control panel with a load of features.
  • I have recently switched to a dedicated server from VPS and can say that Hostingsource.com support was really helpful. These people are awesome. Very quick responses to tickets, in understandable English, 100% so far. Their rates are really af…
  • If you choose NetShop ISP hosting, you'll be pleased - they offer 100% customer satisfaction. For the price, it is amazing. Servers respond fast, and I've never experienced downtime. features are very good.
  • I can not express how happy I am with mydreams.cz dedicated hosting services. I dont really enjoy learning about web servers and stuff, however, I have enjoyed getting everything setup, you just need to have a level of patience and explain everyt…
  • Taking into account your needs, can recommend Tzulo.com hosting deals. Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface. They could double their price and I would stay with them.
  • No problems with SSD Cloud so far. Very nice host. Before I had actual hosting with them, I was hosted on a friend's account, and it was nice. They've treated me as if I'm the only client sometimes to make sure I'm happy.
  • All I can say is that QHoster.com is great. I got absolutely awesome hosting for a very cheap price. I signed up, which was pretty straight forward. Then came the time to test their system by trying to upload a couple of pages. Good web host.
  • + vote for HostingSource.com hosting. The network and server uptime is quite good - these guys provide exceptional speed connectivity. Recommend this decent web host to other webmasters - HIGHLY!
  • I know Netshop ISP offers Fast UK Web Hosting with Free cPanel & Free Domain. Customer/tech support team is always ready to help. They are online 24/7 - this is great.
  • Well, I've been with hostforweb.com VPS hosting for 3,5 months, hosting a school webpage, as you should know a School website requires a high traffic amount, we are hosting several platforms on it, including virtual classes, 400/600 visitors per day…
  • Take a look at centohost.com VPS hosting solutions. Any problems or questions are handled quickly & efficiently. Every support ticket I have put in has been responded to in under 5 minutes and just about every ticket I have put in has been fully…
    in VPS in EU Comment by Roletteros April 2
  • We were looking for someone we could depend on. We found exactly that in Mydreams.cz dedicated hosting deals. The team that I worked for as an intern was amazing. Everyone person in the team was very helpful and very welcoming. Has the benefit o…
  • I've been using exmasters.com for the last couple of months, I currently have a VPS and Hybrid server with them. - All I can say is amazing, their VPS servers are top-notch, they are hosted on super class servers with 8CPU's and 8GB of RAM. Except f…
  • Tzulo.com is professional web hosting provider. Everything works fine. Tech support is quick and reliable. Recommend their services!
  • Nice server hosting deals offered by Netshop-isp.com.cy professionals. Server locations: Cyprus, Malta, UK, Netherlands, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong I appreciate the quality of service, from the reliability of their servers to their live ch…
  • Get all QHoster.com packages with %20 discount! Coupon code to use at checkout: B82NC3YRTR I just ended a session with their support and appreciated his technical knowledge and friendly demeanor.
  • One thing I must say about Kvchosting.net is that they have excellent customer service. When you use the online chat, someone answers pretty much instantaneously. You can't ask for more than that! And they are willing to help you out in any way they…
  • I really appreciate all the work that digitalserver.com.mx team did for me. My site is almost always up (15 minutes downtime last month - up for about 99.8% of the time). They still have very cheap pricing and I like it. They pass on great savings t…
  • Get all QHoster.com packages with %20 discount! Coupon code to use at checkout: B82NC3YRTR
  • I've got nothing but good things to say about kvchosting.net web host. I've used several hosts since I began building sites about 5 years ago and I just keep migrating older sites over to them when I get the chance. Speed connectivity is great... Th…
  • After some time hosted with another web host, I switched to cloudarion.com and I have not regretted it. The supported features are much better than my previous web host. Support replies fast with no delays. Also, they have really nice prices for suc…
  • I've been using QHoster.com for a long time and they're fantastic. They keep everything running smoothly and any time I have questions I just AIM them and someone is there waiting. XMASQH25OFFHOST - 25% SHARED RESELLER VPS AND COMODO POSITI…
  • You can send an email to a potential web hosting service and judge their customer service, firsthand. I'd like to point out that all of your web sites and projects will in good hands if you choose libertyvps.net offshore hosting.
  • ==>> QHoster.com would be a good deal. Try the code: XMASQH12OFFDEDI -12% - any billing cycle, Lifetime recurring discount on ALL SWITZERLAND AND USA DEDICATED SERVERS!
  • I started with hostingsource.com hosting about two years ago. They were quite friendly and helpful in getting my website transferred over to them. Their uptime is generally very good. The server's response time is very good.
  • Well, kvchosting.net has never been anything but helpful and prompt when I faced them with problems. My site availability is almost 100%, so much extras, disk space and bandwidth are fantastic, though it doesnt affect the server status, very helpful…
  • I strongly believe Hostmines.com will serve your needs. This web host is flexible. The host has a team of professionals who know how to keep their services on top.

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