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  • mrabdulrafay said: I have recently registered on this forum and i am not able to comment to any answer. Is there any who can help me in this regards Your account was not verified when you were trying to comment on the threads, It is now …
  • Hello @MeganHealy Thanks for signing up with us. What would like to provide the information here on this post? 
  • sima002 said: Hello everyone, I just joined this great forum. I'm starting this threat to everyone, who are newbie like. Where everyone can connect with everyone!!!! Thats Sima Singh. I'm Software Strategist & Digital Marketing Specialist …
  • @SGraf To get the providers tag, one has to send an email for request or send the message to the admin @LetsHosttalkAdmin In regards to the posting restrictions, It is same as mentioned here  - One post per offer section in a one week period. (I…
  • @budgetvm Welcome to the Forum and Family, and thank you very for appreciating our efforts to improve the forum
  • Divya165 said: I'm Divya I'm a content writer and branding manager. I joined Lets Host Talk community for gaining hosting knowledge. Regards, Divya Patil Welcome to the LetsHostTalk Forum, Divya. I hope you will add the more useful cont…
  • @Maekfee Thanks a lot for your comment and glad to hear that you are liking our forum and recommending others
  • @Mark Thanks a lot for your comment and valuable feedbacks. I totally agree with you on making a separate page or post about the rules to follow and how to get started and in which section first few posts needs to post on. I will be making a new "An…
  • Thanks for adding "contact us form" - it's great. Well done, Letshosttalk team. Believe it will be also nice to add these topics, for webmasters and newbies to discuss web hosting: "webhosting discussion" and if it is possible subtopics in that sect…
  • I am glad to inform you all that we have added "Contact" Contact Us Form on the header now.
  • @DevHosting Thank you.
  • @HostNamaste Thank you for your comment and feedback. Yes, we are adding more Moderators to help us growing this forum. 
  • @LowEndReview: Thanks a lot for your feedback , we will make the contact us page soon and update to forum
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