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  • I first contacted hostingsource.com support staff for help with one of their packages, I could tell this host was a keeper. Their support staff were so kind, and even transferred my existing reseller at no charge. Their pricing is cool. Recommended!
  • On average, how much traffic do you expect each month? I know kvchosting.net is a nice professional web hosting provider. It is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. I'd like to point out that all of your web sites and projects will in go…
  • What’s your hosting budget? Try to consider QHoster.com and their website hosting solutions. SUMMER PROMO CODE: Applies to all shared hosting and VPS Servers (except cPanel Managed VPS) QHOSTERSUMMER33OFF - 30% OFF! (Expiry: 1st Aug. 2020).
  • I am satisfied with Rockhoster.com customer service and tech support. The features are easy to use i.e. cpanel. I don’t mind paying the extra for the service and support that I have received. I have sent in support tickets that were answered in less…
  • Must say that I was fully-impressed with kvchosting.net service. This host seems to be geared towards the professional team and they are still friendly and helpful to a novice such as myself. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service.
  • Finally I signed up with QHoster.com web host. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good. SUMMER PROMO CODE: Applies to all shared hosting and VPS Servers (except cPanel Managed VPS) QHOSTERSUMMER33OFF -…
  • I can't say enough good things about kvchosting.net web host. Great support that is available by Live Chat 24/7.
  • I found digitalserver.com.mx Mexican web host and needed to transfer my files to their VPS hosting account. I couldn't have done it without support team, their replies were quick and the instructions were easy to follow, which made it possible for…
  • I usually don't recommend but you should 100% go with centohost.com dedicated server hosting! I am happy running my site with them - it has always powered my social networking site with ease, no matter how much burst in traffic i get, it still runs…
  • Why not to give Tzulo.com a try? They offer a wide range of servers to choose from. Your site will get loaded lightning fast and applications run far better as compared to any other hosting environment.
  • I use hostforweb.com dedicated hosting service for hosting a set of personal websites. Excellent pricing for a lot of room and features, very fast server, Great and known Cpanel with a load of features plus Free web site builder.
  • Taking the advantage of the opportunity, can recommend cloudarion.com servers. They have one click installs that you can install on your server with just one click of a button.
  • Recommend to use Hostforweb.com reseller hosting for those who want to be successful in the IT industry. Their servers are fully-redundant, flexible and scalable, there is no downtime on them. Their technicians are skillful and qualified.
  • Hey dudes, I like everything about this forum. Thank you so much to be with us. I've already recommended this board to several friends of mine. Best wishes
  • The comparison will definitely help you to choose the right web host. I like QHoster.com Mexico hosting deals. You will get pure solid-state (SSD) storage and high-capacity network connectivity that provide blazing fast speeds.
  • I currently use Kvchosting.net to host two sites, with one of them being registered there as well. The web hosting aspect is easy to use with standard ftp or secure-ftp access. Their main goal is to provide the best technology available with excep…
  • I have been very happy with QHoster.com web hosting. After using them for several professional projects, I moved my personal stuff there this year. It's been great! I’m perfectly fine with sharing server resources with other websites. I’m saving con…
  • IMHO, dedicated servers offered by Tzulo.com will meet your needs. Their experts are able to help you with everything you may need (scripts installation, etc.) for free.
  • IMHO, Bullten and their Dedicated server hosting deals  will meet your needs. The host is being highly professional and stable. My site is always up and running fast.
  • If you are looking for the best and most powerful server hosting service, I recommend HostingSource.com web hosting service. My business has achieved a great degree of stability and performance is consistent with this affordable and reliable web hos…
  • Good plans and amazing 24 hour support. I've been with a lot of hosts, and vpsblocks.com.au is by far the best. Easy to setup with them, and they setup the servers quick. 30% OFF FIRST ANNUAL* - 30% off your first annual or semi-annual payment…
  • Do not compromise what had been planned about for the web site just to meet the level of what can just be offered with the cheap web hosting package. I'd recommend Hostyd , their shared and cloud hosting solutions. I call it all-inclusive hosting …
  • As for good option for getting servers in Europe, can recommend Cloudarion.com solutions. When I need to consult with customer support, the response is quick, very friendly, and helpful.
  • Well, it happened so that I signed up with HostingSource about eight months ago, because I had a long nightmare period with another host and while dealing with this ssd web host, I immediately got to know that I had made the right choice.
  • I have been using LibertyVPS offshore hosting services for 8 months and once I had downtime, but their unrivaled support solved it immediately. I just wanna mention that their work based on quality.
  • You know, it was very hard for me to find reliable SSD Hosting Provider to host one of my new web sites, but after several weeks of research I decided to sign up with KVChosting and bought their shared hosting plan because I have found it to be stab…
  • Personally I prefer to focus on something much more important, reliable web hosting and great customer service. QHoster is a reliable and trustworthy host, so I suppose I will continue to deal with this decent cPanel web host with servers in Canada.
  • I found CloudArion hosting after days of reading reviews about hundreds of hosting services. Truly, it would be hard for me to stay in this business if it wasn't for these folks. Really cool hosting service.
  • Also try considering Hostyd cloud hosting solutions. The sales process was super quick and nice and the account was setup and running within 20 mins .. unbelievable !! The support guys at are simply excellent, you can see the difference in service a…
  • Nice reseller hosting opportunities offered by Hostforweb.com team. In the times where I have had issues, their support is AMAZING, kind, & QUICK! Even when those issues were on my end.

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