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  • VPS - $5 first month for any plan: https://hostingsource.com/vps-hosting-promo/
  • As I know, pretty good vps solutions you can get from NeironVPS.com professionals. Great value for money! The system itself is rock solid and the software & features are excellent. I'm totally impressed with these guys.
  • Give RegVPS.com Linux vps a try. I'd like to express the point that the service is excellent. I am particularly impressed with the support services who answered me within a few minutes and did everything possible to help me.
  • It’s great to see such group of motivated and efficient people. Exmasters.com is a good vps hosting option for starting a web hosting as they offer cheaper hosting service. Since they have good technicians, they handle things faster and correct, s…
  • Use coupon: COINSHOSTING-DEDICATED (10% OFF) for CoinsHosting.com dedicated servers. I probably don't know as much as I should about the ins and outs of having a large website, but with this decent host by my side, I never worry about that anymore…
  • Can say that NetShop Isp is excellent dedicated hosting provider, uptime 100%, fast support team, fast servers, Cpanel, price is higher than other hosts, but because they are EXCELLENT. The support guys generally know their stuff as well whic…
  • If you want a web-host where an actual human being returns your e-mails, then RegVPS.com dedicated hosting is definitely for you. I usually get a reply within an hour, and they're always polite and friendly. Their prices are competitive and despit…
  • Try NeironVPS.com ssd vps solutions, you won't be sorry. It is by FAR the best hosting provider I have ever used. Their service offers me a lot of freedom when creating/modifying my sites with support for PHP, MySQL, PERL and all that good stuff.
  • Maybe cheaper but better you check out other site as well. 1) GTHost.com 2) ServerUnion.com I'd like to say that I have great network uptime and the connection speed is fast at least by my standards.
  • At last I have found a host that actually listens to what you are saying. There is far too much reliance on automated responses with some hosts but with CoinsHosting.com you get that personal touch with email replies from their support that are s…
  • I am a webmaster and have had many host over the years, none of them stood behind what they said. Rockhoster.com kvm vps host does. Highly recommend for anyone who wants an inexpensive, easy to user hosting provider. I trust them 100% with ALL my …
  • I'd highly recommend GTHost.com instant server hosting service! It is always available for my questions and they are quick to respond. This in itself is remarkable. On top of this, they go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff …
  • The combination of quality and cheapness makes RegVPS.com attractive for the greater part of the web masters. Take a look at their dedicated servers. Sign up and transfer was very smooth, and my email has never been better. Great Service at a gre…
  • So far so good. I have been dealing with Hostnamaste.com OpenVZ VPS for over seven months and fully-satisfied. The tools provided are great. Pricing is reasonable. The technical guys are very helpful, professional and courteous.
  • Get 15% OFF on all packages, use coupon "15OFFALL48HRS" on checkout https://qhoster.com/clients/ - 1 month to 3 year billing cycle!
  • All of offshore servers also come with 100% uptime guarantee. Zak Servers offers offshore dedicated servers in 12 locations including Bulgaria, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai, and Taiwan, and off…
  • Without doubt, you will make the right decision going with kvchosting.net to host your site, big or small! They've gone above and beyond to assist me with my sites, whenever needed.
  • This host is offering a smashing deal on VPS hosting with a whopping 50%+ discount using code "VPS50". You can't ask for more; everything you can possibly want is included! Ownwebservers.com has awesome deals on hosting servers, which I'm recently …
  • I have had several after hours questions and have always had a response within ten minutes, in some cases immediately. Can highly recommend Libertyvps.net bitcoin vps. From my experience with them, I honestly happy running some of my websites with …
  • https://regvps.com/linux-vps/
  • Have been very happy with Datapacket.net dedicated hosting service. Uptime is good. Very Cost effective compared to other providers and so quick in resolving problems, would recommend to any business.
  • https://gthost.com/instant-servers/
  • How large is your website and what are its storage needs? Try https://blazingfast.host/index.php?rp=/store/openvz-vps-server
  • I have the starter package offered by Rockhoster.com and must say that there are many useful features for running any kind of web sites. Pricing is a bit high for a startup site with little to no value or income. But for the quality of the service…
  • Can say that Allwebhost.com hosting gets A++ for every category. These guys get a thumbs up, fives all crossed the board. Can highly recommend these guys for those webmasters looking for professional and cheap web hosting service.
  • Get 15% OFF on all packages, use coupon "15OFFALL48HRS" on checkout https://qhoster.com/clients/ - 1 month to 3 year billing cycle!
  • How large is your website and what are its storage needs? Thanks GTHost.com for providing me with professional VPS services! Good communication and customer service are key to great web-host, and it has these qualities in spades.
  • I'm pleased to say that Regvps.com delivered exactly on their 99.9% uptime promise. So far, everything has been absolutely amazing. Their VPS systems are fully managed and the help they provide is impeccable.  
  • Very Mac friendly interface. If you value excellent service, advice and professional support don't look any further. Web Host Pro is great vps hosting provider! Everything is simply amazing and has remained consistently so.
  • Nothing to worry about, they are professional. NetShop Isp team is always helpful with questions for beginners. Reliable and affordable prices.It's decent web host that is really trying to make a good name for itself in the web hosting business.
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