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cheap shared hosting accounts ?

I need help to choose reliable host along with helpful techs.
What are your views on Kvchosting.net and Hostyd.org shared hosting ?
I need Linux shared hosting with huge amount of HD and Bandwidth.
What host is better? And why?


    • Not only kvchosting.net but libertyvps.net is also good.
      Their range of Cheap Web Hosting plans are suited to every budget from the individual seeking a personal site to a corporation wanting that web identity or for creating that successful shopping site.

    • I'm very happy with HostYD shared hosting service. If things continue like this I see no reason why I would ever need to go with another host. I hope they keep like that and professionals. 99.9% network & server uptime.
    • If you are building small information or text-based website you can use a cheap through away hosting accounts such as one from Hostgator, but if your site will have a database, require backups, have any user-generated images or videos or anything at all either server intensive or CPU intensive I would definitely not go with a cheaper hosting service. If it is going to be an important site and it will be storing anything other than text – I would use a better, more reliable, and more scale-able hosting account with Host like https://Cloudhostweb.com & https://Hostingga.com . Not only will it save you potential headaches down the road and will probably come with better support, but your site will load faster and search engines also like sites that load really fast, so I would go with a great hosting account if there is any large image uploading and downloading or any other significant functionality going on.
      Cloudhostweb.com and Hostingga.com are much famous for there Experts support, Zero downtime, high reliability. You can check their Plans also which are comparatively better than others.
      I hope it will helps you !!!
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