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reseller hosting accounts ? Where can I order them?

Require up to 200 gbs of disk space
+ register 3 .com domains
Pay with Bitcoin
What can you say about Rockhoster.com and Digitalserver.com.mx reseller hosting accounts ?
How are their web hosting solutions? What host is better? Why?


    • I've been working with Digitalserver.com.mx for a little over a year now and I have to say their customer service is second to none. The sales and Technical are purely professional and timely. Thank you for being there. I hope you continue this way.
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      I would recommend Rockhoster.com to anyone who asks me for quality, cheap web hosting. This web host is simply the best when it comes to web hosting, the pricing is fantastic and the customer support is top notch. When ever I needed support they were always there 24/7.
    • + vote for digitalserver.com.mx hosting. Overall reliability is great, the control panel is easy to use, and useful, things work the way they say they will - basically impressed with these guys.
    • Nice reseller hosting opportunities offered by Hostforweb.com team. In the times where I have had issues, their support is AMAZING, kind, & QUICK! Even when those issues were on my end.
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