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VPS or Managed WordPress solutions?

I run 4 WordPress sites. Some are more complex than others (1 is moderately intensive).
I'd like to host all my sites on the same platform, rather than have 1 here, 1 there, etc. I can spend up to $35 a month on hosting. So a few questions:
1) Are there any VPS hosting with good support?
2) Should I look at Managed WordPress solutions? Any recommendations?
I am looking to upgrade to something more WordPress friendly. (currently paying about $25/month).
What can you say about Swisslayer.com and Kvchosting.net website hosting solutions? Can I rely on them? What host is better?



  • There is no denying the fact that kvchosting.net web host is a good and better than the best, according to me. It is great web hosting provider with good pricing and unique features! Best technical support I have ever had. Love their SSD VPS solutions.
  • MaekfeeMaekfee Member

    The host seems to recognize that putting in a little extra effort pays dividends in terms of keeping the customer satisfied and thereby keeping the customer. Kvchosting.net servers are very stable.Try this package: SSD P1 VPS - RAM 10 GB, Disk 120 GB, 4 Core CPU, 8 TB bandwidth, Pricing $54.99 per month.

    They are good, real good!

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