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Good and reliable VPS hosting services?

Need over 80 gbs of disk space. Linux + 24/7 tech help

+ Linux, 3 TB of bandwidth
+ helpful and skillful technical customer support.
What can you say about Cenmax.in VPS hosting services?
What hosting provider would you choose? Why?


    • When it comes to hosting I prefer to deal with time-tested and trusted brands in the hosting industry like :
      1) LusoVPS.com - The promo code: MERRYXMAS will give out a 3€ price override on any KVM product, recurring for 2 months (1, 2, 4, 8 and 16GB VPS are eligible). Till 31st January.

      2) HostingKing.com - https://hostingking.com/get-25-usd-free-credit (gives $25 credit for VPS deals).
    • Pretty good VPS hosting accounts offered by Exmasters.com experts. They are offering Double RAM or HD space with any VPS or dedicated plan (using code "dbram" or "dbhdd").
    • Hostsailor.com has pretty good VPS plans that suit your requirements. You can review the plans at https://hostsailor.com/vps-hosting/ Their Tech team is available 24/7 and provides excellent support. I'd highly recommend Hostsailor.
    • Personally I like Rockhoster.com service. The cpu load from other users is pretty low, and even if the disks look full on cpanel they seem plenty responsive. Their goal seems to be to satisfy customers, not to make it difficult to switch hosting.
    • I'd personally recommend you WPX Hosting because it offers managed hosting for WordPress users. you can check out its other packages as well.
    • I believe Hostforweb.com would be a perfect solution for your needs. I work as a professional web developer and have found them to be a web host far above all others.
    • Lost of good and reliable vps service providers listed here
    • VPS deals from asvhost.com and rockhoster.com are very trustworthy to stick to.
      I like their features:
      99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
      24/7/365 Tech Support
      No Setup Fee & No Gimmicks.

    • I would recommend you bluehost they have good vps hosting at a very good price with good support and good security.
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      I would recommend eWebGuru, best & reliable VPS hosting provider. they have best technical support system 24*7. fully root access VPS hosting guaranteed 99.9% server uptime
    • Good and quality services are available from hostround.com.
      They are fast, reliable, friendly and offer outstanding services at modest rates.
      Your websites run super smooth with no issues, if you ever need to contact them, they always get the problem solved guaranteed in a timely manner.

    • We all are familiar with, or have heard about the concept of server partitioning in mainframe computers. However, owing to the development of virtualization software and technologies, this concept has undergone a tremendous transformation. It is now possible to make virtual partitions of a web hosting server. For instance, storage space in a dedicated server can be divided among individual website owners and resellers, who would have complete ownership and access to the root of their share in the server. Each of them can independently control their dedicated part of the server. Most website hosting companies now offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting; also called Virtual Dedicated Server hosting.

      The process of splitting a server is called virtual private server. This is performed in a manner that each server is able to run its own operating system and can be rebooted without affecting other partitions of the same server. To sum up, all these server partitions run within a server and work as dedicated servers on sharing basis. This sharing of resources brings down costs drastically. Each partitioned server is as secure, flexible and reliable as a dedicated server is.

      VPS hosting enables resellers to enjoy multi-tenancy by allocating different resources to their clients. For instance, after obtaining virtual private hosting, resellers can completely control resources. They can allocate various services to their clients, such as web space and e-mail accounts. Through multi-tenancy, VPS allows resellers to host many clients on a single server. CPU resources can be virtualized for them to appear as stand-alone dedicated servers to customers. Administrators can efficiently control the customer resources levels through automated control panel management.
    • Virtual Private Server Hosting, commonly known as VPS Hosting is a type of Internet Hosting Services and has its own fair share of attributes, which make it better than other internet hosting services. The companies that run VPS hosting services are numerous and many cans be found within minutes of starting a search on the internet's most popular search engines. A VPS is in effect, a separate private computer that is easily accessed from anywhere in the world through high-speed internet connections. The best things about VPS hosting is the fact that it allows you privacy with access privileges, to get access to its files and software from your own private computer and you can configure it to run just like a server does. This is done through encrypted proxy servers that make sure no data can become lost, duplicated or compromised. The virtual computer systems can also function as a company driven server allowing for efficient communication and file transfer to any point in the globe at no extra cost.

      VPS Hosting is known as one of the most advanced variety of web hosting and it has the distinction of being one of the most preferred web hosting solutions, especially for a small or medium-sized enterprise. The features that make it stand apart from other forms of web hosting solutions are its reliability, privacy and affordability.

      Also, when looking for the best website hosting service provider for you, go for firms that offer quality and reliability in service besides being affordable as well. There are a number of aspects that one needs to keep in mind. As said earlier, the rates quoted should be the most attractive given the benefits being offered in the package. Also, the server on which the website runs needs to be stable and reliable and be able to support different kinds of web design platforms and sites.
    • If you are building small information or text-based website you can use a cheap through away hosting accounts such as one from Go-Daddy or Hostgator, but if your site will have a database, require backups, have any user-generated images or videos or anything at all either server intensive or CPU intensive I would definitely not go with a cheaper hosting service. If it is going to be an important site and it will be storing anything other than text – I would use a better, more reliable, and more scale-able hosting account with

      Host like https://Cloudhostweb.com & https://Hostingga.com . Not only will it save you potential headaches down the road and will probably come with better support, but your site will load faster and search engines also like sites that load really fast, so I would go with a great hosting account if there is any large image uploading and downloading or any other significant functionality going on.
      Cloudhostweb.com and Hostingga.com are much famous for there Experts support, Zero downtime, high reliability. You can check their Plans also which are comparatively better than others.
    • Pretty much everyone provides the best Linux Hosting.
      The top players like Hostingga and avshost would provide one of the best hosting services for you.
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