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Selecting a right and cheap server for my needs

I wonder which way I should go - legionbox.com or allwebhost.com - and why?


  • I highly recommend allwebhost.com forex hosting solutions, especially if you are looking for feature-rich and affordable hosting option. The pricing is very good, especially for what you buy for it. They have managed to keep my site running smoothly even when it has grown 5 times bigger than it was.

  • CurrenteamCurrenteam Member, Provider
    If your web host has outgrown its shared web host solution, it may be time to move it to virtual web hosting, which is often seen as a low cost alternative to getting your own dedicated server.

  • I've found Allwebhost.com server hosting service quite prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. The price is very cheap and setup very quick, the control panel is different but houses loads of features and after a while is really easy to use.

  • ChirrelloChirrello Member, Provider
    You no longer need a programming guru to set up your site. You no longer need to be a computer guru to get a web site posted. Web hosting service has vastly improved since the beginning days of the internet.

  • Reliable hosting plans are available from hostsailor.com and planethoster.com.
    When my website was down I’ve got all the necessary support immediately.
    The support agent was friendly and knowledgeable.
    My website was in the air again in no time.

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