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Decent server provider to buy ...

Comparing servers from coinshosting.com (COINSHOSTING-DEDICATED) and hostsailor.com, which way is better to follow and why?


  • I have to highly recommend CoinsHosting.com for their excellent dedicated hosting service and the technical expertise. It is really cool for running WordPress blogs. Customer service. Prolly one of their best features. You ever have a problem.

  • Although I've only been with Coinshosting.com Switzerland dedicated servers for a short period of time, I'm very impressed. Sign up was easy, support is great, speed is fantastic, and their prices are outstanding. I'm the webmaster for several sites, and I'll be moving all of them to this host.

  • Use coupon: COINSHOSTING-DEDICATED (10% OFF) for CoinsHosting.com dedicated servers. I probably don't know as much as I should about the ins and outs of having a large website, but with this decent host by my side, I never worry about that anymore.

    It is excellent in every way.

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