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Dedicated Server Suggestion

I want dedicated server, please suggest me which provider is good for me as per my requirement.
Budget 140-150$
Processor E3 1230v2, Ram 16GB, Hard Disk 1TB x 2, Bandwidth Normal 3tb, 5tb
Need good uptime and support for OS reload etc.
I searched CloudArion.com and QHoster.com dedicated web servers. Do you think I can trust them?
What other hosts can you recommend me to visit?


  • FolcostokFolcostok Member

    The most impressive aspect of cloudarion.com is the reaction time for technical queries. They responded to my queries in double quick time with help I could use and easily understand. I feel safe and secure with this host and would heartily recommend them.

  • RootballRootball Member
    What I want to say is that QHoster.com is quite good option for hosting websites and also registering domains. They even have nice scripting extras and spamassassin. Great features.

  • I recommend perfectdedicatedserver.com Very good prices, maybe the best prices I have seen so far, free configuration, great support always active, high uptime and great performance. Also, if you want a custom offer they give you the best package for your needs. The price is much lower than your budget. Unlimitd bandwidth. Fast support for any action on the server
  • rockoloprockolop Member
    Well, cloudarion.com is great ! Best technical support I have ever had. They have helped me tremendously with my first website, and I'm loading my products now. Recommended.

  • david007david007 Member
    When it comes to choosing the best dedicated server in the USA, there are several factors to consider, such as server specifications, uptime guarantees, customer support, and pricing. 

    You can try bodHOST Hosting is another reliable dedicated server provider that offers a variety of server options at competitive prices. Their servers come with SSD storage, free server management, and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

    You can get an instant 10% off on bodHOST dedicated hosting plans with promo code MDS10!
  • gallagherjordongallagherjordon Member, Provider
    edited May 17
    Get 10GB Hosting dedicated servers usa service. It uses advanced hosting technology and next-gen hardware to ensure lightning-fast performance for your website. Its dedicated servers usa plan:- Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2, RAM: 16 GB DDR3 ECC, HDD: 1 TB HDD SATA Enterprise, IP Address: 5 IP Address, Bandwidth: 15TB Transfer.
  • TarakliyaTarakliya Member
    The best dedicated servers are: qhoster.com and kvchosting.net.
    The staff at them always, always provided guidance, support and care with their customer needs.
    Prcies are competitive.
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