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Solid server is looked for ...

Comparing servers from kvchosting.net and finaltek.com, which plan is better to sign up with and why?


  • I have really enjoyed having my site hosted by kvchosting.net dedicated hosting provider, as the people there, are very friendly and are quick to respond to your inquiry if the need arises. On top of this, they go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff even incorporated my blog design for me into my site!

  • IMHO, GTHost.com is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Like their instant servers. Great customer service so far. Uptime on the hosting has been flawless, as far as I know.

  • I find hostnamaste.com budget dedicated server solutions to be incredibly Perfect. I'm very satisfied with the fast and accurate technical help, ease of use and wide service offer. I'm actually in the works of transferring all my websites to this web hosting provider.

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