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VPS for ASP.NET app + SSL Certificates?

I want to host an ASP.NET application with SQL Server. The application shall be accessed by over 2k users. Mainly a database oriented application. What server configuration i need to host this.
Do you know anything about OBhost.net VPS hosting and SSL Certificates? Are they reliable? Alternatives please?

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  • RoletterosRoletteros Member
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    Great service, their support is always prompt and helpful. I can not express how happy I am with cloudarion.com SSD VPS. They do everything that the big hosting providers I have my other sites with do, only they do it much better.

  • You'll be impressed with https://www.exmasters.com/vps/ - from $10/mo.

  • Maybe Rightservers.com managed VPS solutions?

    For users looking to host multiple domains on one account, think that this decent host is the cheapest. Excellent Web Hosting service.

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