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Is Linux safer than windows?

Well, many people think that Linux is safer than windows because of the way it handles its user permissions. The main security advantage of Linux is that it runs on an “exe” which is much harder for hackers to attack. 

Well, there are some reasons why Linux is more secure than windows 

  • First of all, hackers don't typically target Linux because Linux is not that popular, and also, it has less than three percent of the market covered as compared to windows which have a hold of nearly 85% of the market. So for that reason, hackers target more of the windows server because the piece of code will reach a large number of users. 

  • Before executing the Linux software, the Linux users need to save the attachment before executing it, and if it is been set up correctly before opening the file, they need to ask for permission. But on the other hand, windows will warn you if you download the .exe from the internet. However, the default protection is not set to a high level. 

  • On Linux, admin privileges are more reserved by the default version of windows. In case you want to download the file via admin privileges, you must first put in the password first versus the yes and no prompt. 


  • webhostingmixwebhostingmix Member, Provider

    You've covered most of them but here are a few reasons why I think Linux is generally considered to be more secure than Windows:

    1. Fewer vulnerabilities: Since Linux is open-source, anyone can view and audit the source code. As a result, vulnerabilities are often identified and fixed quickly. In contrast, the source code for Windows is proprietary and only available to Microsoft, so vulnerabilities may take longer to be discovered and fixed.

    2. No need for antivirus software: It is much less common for Linux systems to be affected by viruses, so antivirus software is not typically needed. This reduces the risk of security breaches due to outdated or ineffective antivirus software.

    3. Greater control over system updates: In Linux, users have more control over when and how system updates are applied. This allows users to apply updates at a convenient time and ensures that their systems are always up-to-date and secure.

    However, it is important to note that no operating system is completely secure and that it is still possible for Linux systems to be hacked or compromised. It is important for users to take steps to secure their systems, regardless of which operating system they are using.

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