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What are the benefits of dedicated server?

cloakhostingcloakhosting Member, Provider
is dedicated server is beneficial for medium size business?
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  • I always look for a few things: Reliability, Support/Knowledge, Price - you get what you pay for really. Try to look at Bullten.com budget dedicated servers. It has nice reliability, easy to use control panel and excellent customer support.

  • yrhostyrhost Member, Provider
    Dedicated servers provide more reliability and stability than the shared hosting. It makes sure that you are not sharing your space with any other malicious software or a potential spammer. Dedicated server leads to enhanced security, this is the reason it is essential for companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL

    Advantages :

    1. Server resources are not shared

    2. Enhanced performance and security

    3. Flexibility

    4. Unique IP address

  • A business seeking more authority and control would want a service provider that provides dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, a customer rents a server from a supplier of dedicated hosting and is given sole access to its resources. You can have your own whole server space for your websites with dedicated server hosting or dedicated web hosting. The dedicated server you owe money for has no other users sharing its resources or server space. High-traffic websites are typically best served by dedicated servers.
    Benefits of Dedicated Server:
    1) Enhanced performance and security
    2) No Maintenance or Purchase Cost
    3) Unique IP address
    4) Quick Customization
    5) Offers a Greater Degree of Reliability
    6) Flexibility
    7) Provides Complete Server Control
    8) 24×7 On-site Support
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  • cirrushostingcirrushosting Member, Provider
    Yes... Dedicated Server is totally suitable for medium to large business type. 
    the most beneficial thing is here is that it allows the flexibility of customizing the server to the clients specific needs for RAM, cpu , disk space.
    Choose the dedicated server , when you have to handle - 

    • High Traffic websites
    • Streaming content
    • Remote working environment
    • Security 
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