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Web Hosting for Multi-Section Blog?

RoadScoutRoadScout Member, Provider

I'm looking for an initial web host for my domain already purchased. Something long-term that the renewal price stays low or nearly the same. No add-ons, I'm wanting this in one plan.

I need the following features:
--- It will be a travel blog with multiple blog sections or categories, at a single website. I don't know yet if I'm using WordPress or a site builder or plug-in or what - it's from scratch.
--- Each page have SSL.
--- It must have staging - I'd like to work on it and make edits show up without publishing it live while making those edits.
--- A very small store with easy shopping cart so I can sell up to 5 items, one of those items are physical and one is digital.
--- Custom email up to 5 addresses.
--- Daily Backup
--- Fast speeds


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