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ESDS eNlight WebVPN – Granular Level Access Control for Enhanced Protection

The increasing number of cyberattacks, data breaches, and leaks have kept CIOs & CTOs worried. It has been a stiff challenge for them to manage the security of user-critical data & applications. There have also been numerous instances of privilege escalations due to wrongly defined user roles & responsibilities, resulting in substantial monetary & non-monetary losses. With ESDS, CIOs get a one-stop solution for all their security needs, ensuring a robust & secure digital security posture. ESDS Security Services is a comprehensive portfolio comprising everything enterprises need to ensure maximum security of data & applications backed with multiple layers of physical & digital security.

ESDS eNlight WebVPN offers enterprises a clientless, scalable and available VPN solution. With eNlight WebVPN, enterprises can easily access their remotely hosted applications through granular-level access controls. It is a cost-effective & SSL VPN solution that can be accessed from any location via web browsers. It offers an intelligent & Cloud-based VPN Solution with a built-in WAF for delivering Layer 7 Security. This WAF protects web applications from OWASP Top-10 & other prominent online threats, vulnerabilities & malware.

Why ESDS eNlight WebVPN?

With ESDS WebVPN, you get the following notable, value-added benefits-

1.       Clientless SSL WebVPN Solution

2.       Granular Access Control

3.       Cost-Effective & Secure VPN Solution

4.       In-built WAF for Protection Against OWASP Top-10 & Other Vulnerabilities

5.       24x7 Exuberant Support

To know more about ESDS eNlight WebVPN, visit- https://www.esds.co.in/enlight-webvpn

Get in touch with experienced cybersecurity experts from ESDS to avail industry-leading security solutions & get enhanced protection against persistent threats & attacks.

For more information, reach out to contact ESDS through- Email: [email protected] | Toll-Free: 1800 209 3006 | Website: https://www.esds.co.in/
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