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Solid server provider

Is that brixly.uk or legionbox.com? Plan to host a blog.


  • Highly recommend hostingsource.com server hosting solutions.
    Decent amount of features and a really good knowledge base when you have questions.
    The server uptime and overall speed performance are outstanding and consistent.

  • You'd better try kvchosting.net SSD servers. Superb webhost - uptime perfect, fast support team, fast servers, Cpanel, pricing is cheaper than other hosting provider - they are EXCELLENT.

  • Choosing the right server provider can be broken down into the following categories:

    Reliability Downtime is never fun, especially when you are paying for it. If there is only a few dollars of difference between a provider with years of experience and a history of superb reliability and a service that offers a cheaper approach, remember, the extra few bucks may mean the difference between having a connection or a headache.

    Speed Because the files and messages you are downloading are being pulled directly from a server, versus a peer's computer, download speeds should be fast and consistent. Skimping on bandwidth is common amongst newsgroup servers, with only the top rated services investing in gigabits of bandwidth. Always check to see if your potential provider limits their download speed.

    Along with speed, you should review the number of simultaneous connections you are permitted to the news server. Considering you may be downloading a file that is in dozens of parts, being able to download more than one part at a time can be the difference between minutes and hours. Modern news readers have no problem handling multiple concurrent connections.

    Performance and reliability are what has made the usenet the age old beast that it is, while security and long binary retention rates have made it the all time champion of file sharing online. It is affordable and accessible, with several providers meeting the needs of users requiring instant access to the media and information they demand.
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  • A Hosting service provider will provide you the desired domain name, as well as required web space to host your website on Internet. You need to know a few things for your hosting service provider, like their credibility in providing hosting services, their existing client's feedback, their promised server uptime, hardware details of web servers as well as the additional services provided by them.

    Bundled facilities with Hosting Package - Remember that you need several things while hosting a website like email account, FTP accounts, Domain management tools, websites control panel, databases, and SSL Certificates in case you are providing e-commerce facilities and you want to ensure security on your website.

    Customization facilities - Even, if everything is OK with a service provider, never decide by just contacting one of them. Do contact multiple service providers, ask for quotation and bargain for best deals for you. Don't forget to ask for further customization of package.

    Mode of Contact - Customer service is an important aspect of any service provider. Must check whether service provider opted by you is able to answer your queries on a 24*7 basis or not

    If you show all these concerns discussed here, you will sure have a marvel service provider in your service among the crowd of endless number of hosting service providers.

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  • Try QHoster.com hosting. The dedicated server hosting service is superb!

    I have contacted their support on a number of occasions with a variety of different questions, and all of them have been sorted within the hour, first replies have been within 10 minutes on some instances.

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