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Solid server to have a deal with ...

Servers from asvhost.com and hostforweb.com are provided on sweet terms and I have to select the best one for hosting a blog, so what would you do being in my place?


  • I would check qhoster.com.
    They have multiply locations for their servers
    They accept multiply payment options.

  • Why not give kvchosting.net server hosting a try?
    Their professionals are able to customize any services/features you may need.

  • My experience with hostforweb.com hosting, thus far, has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications; very professional, prompt, and friendly administration. Users are kept up-to-date on issues in a timely fashion and questions/support tickets are responded to promptly and courteously.

  • I've only had my site down for 5 minutes and that was for a CPanel upgrade.
    Hostforweb.com gives you all the features you could possibly need.

  • I recommend you to consider hostingsource.com. I believe they are one of the best dedicated server providers I know.

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