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I need feature-packed EU server hosting

I would like to ask for some expert help in order to help me to choose the hosting provider.
What do you think about Zetservers.com EU server hosting?
The reason for my request is that I am looking for a good place where I can order server hosting solution and this company seems to be good for me.
Do you know anything about it?


  • If you are like me and have to set up your on MySQL databases for different scripts, then look no further than QHoster.com dedicated hosting packages. Good Server stability (practically NO downtime and outages).

  • Why not give centohost.com EU hosting a try?
    Reliability has been 100%. Highly recommended.

  • They have a lot of good locations in Europe.
    I think you can have a look at them and use.

  • Different businesses have different needs, and these needs are the ones that will determine the type of server hosting they will select. It is therefore important for the business to establish these needs well in advance in order to select a provider who will meet the needs, both in the present and the future, as the business changes. With these needs in mind, there are a number of important features that businesses should check out in the service providers, in order to enjoy the benefits offered.

    • Customer Service
    Just like any other businesses, hosting providers should offer their clients the best when it comes to customer service.

    • Internet Connections
    When choosing the providers of server hosting services, the businesses are required to select the one with a redundant network.

    • Back Up
    When it comes to back-up, the provider should have various versions of the back-up to make sure that the businesses can access the data and information they want in case of any event such as power outage and others

    Choosing a server hosting provider will depend on the needs of the different businesses, because each is unique. However there are various features that any server hosting provider must have, in order to meet these business needs.
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  • Try to check as many as possible providers.
    I can recommend you to have a look and check these ones: luxhosting.lu, qhoster.com. They have some good and decent solutions for EU locations.

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