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Server to sign up with ...

Comparing servers from hostingsource.com and legionbox.com, which way is better to follow?


  • Pretty good server hosting plans offered by centohost.com provider. Prices are really good, hosting is just INCREDIBLE in features. An incredible amount of disk space, bandwidth and benefits as no other host. And they always try to do their best.

    Love these guys.

  • There is no better place to go than Tzulo.com dedicated server hosting.
    The people on the site are so helpful. The service has been very prompt and professional.

  • When choosing an web host server for your online business website, you should consider few important things that will help you determine the best web service. One of the most vital components to consider is the bandwidth allocation. Bandwidth affects the amount of data your site can transfer to your visitors while browsing in your site. If you have limited bandwidth, it will take time for your visitors to receive all the necessary data they want to open or receive from your site.

    Another important component to consider when choosing a particular web hosting service for your website is the web space or commonly known as disk space. You should make sure that the server can provide sufficient web space enough to accommodate all the data and information you want to load on your site.

    Other factors you need to watch out for are the loading speed and uptime reliability of the site. If you own an online business site, the uptime and loading speed are very important. Consumers that can't access a website during its downtime or if the site takes too long to load will turn to other sites that can offer the products and services they need.
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  • Divya165Divya165 Member, Provider
    Are you looking for the best  VPS Hosting Provider in India? There are a lot of options you have, but according to service and performance, I would like to recommend Host.co.in for the best Linux | Windows VPS hosting. You can check Windows VPS hosting plans.
  • When choosing a reliable server, keep the following necessary factors in mind to help you decide:

    Style of server: Even though it will cost more than other alternatives, you may choose to use your very own dedicated server hosting, so that you do not have to share space and resources with other websites. While doing so can certainly cut your costs down, it can also place greater demands on technical support and site performance.

    Reputation of web hosting service: Upstarts will always make promises, but you can never be sure whether they're capable of keeping them. Maybe your business has the freedom to experiment, and if so, that's fine. But if you really want a seamless experience, make sure that the people you're doing business with-and that's what great web hosting is made up of, essentially-have the intelligence and experience to navigate you through the choppy waters of launching a website.

    Cost: Not only do you have to look at what you're paying for the service, but you also need to look at the return on investment. If your server shows signs of instability, you could be bleeding more money than you are aware in lost potential revenue from those who would visit your site if only it wasn't always experiencing downtime.

    Safety measures: Even more important than cost is the protection that you get from harmful web predators who want nothing more than to turn your site into their very own malware factory, spitting out viruses, spyware, trojans and worms that sacrifice the safety of your customers and the solidity of your future.
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  • No service could ever guarantee 100% uptime, but on the two occasions I've experienced very short periods of downtime, I've immediately been able to get through to support via the freephone number and they've known exactly what was happening and why. Recommend hostingsource.com server hosting.

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