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Best VPS provider

Which VPS is the best - integralhost.net or host4.biz? And why?


  • Asgard87Asgard87 Member, Provider
    I have used one of them and unfortunately had issues with page load time and bandwidth. Had to recommend my safe option which is HostGator India. When it comes to VPS their performance is much better and I never have to face any issues with server uptime, page load time, storage or even bandwidth.
  • david007david007 Member
    edited April 19
    bodHOST VPS hosting will serve your demands. They are solidly reliable, highly expedient at tech support, and very competitive for the pricing. Features are very good... and. I like this decent web host, I'm happy.
  • coolhandlecoolhandle Member
    edited April 21
    While making a choice for a VPS hosting provider, you would do well to keep the following common factors in mind:

    Windows Vs Linux

    At the outset, you should know what type of VPS setting you are going to have. The choice is between Windows and Linux.

    Managed Or Unmanaged

    However, in case of VPS hosting, you are practically given total control over it. So, there has to be someone to take its care and keep a watch on its performance. When the VPS provider takes care of it, it's called managed VPS, but in case of an unmanaged system, the responsibility of taking its care falls upon you.

    Service after sales

    No matter efficient your VPS hosting provider may be, and whatever features it may offer, it is bound to develop some flaw at some stage. Under such circumstance,s you require prompt service to set it right. It is imperative to have a provider competent enough to offer 24X7 support.
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  • Before you pick on a web hosting company you have to make a review of the best web hosting service providers available; you will discover how beneficial they will be to your business and how they will suit your budget.

    Also, when looking for the best website hosting service provider for you, go for firms that offer quality and reliability in service besides being affordable as well. There are a number of aspects that one needs to keep in mind. As said earlier, the rates quoted should be the most attractive given the benefits being offered in the package. Also, the server on which the website runs needs to be stable and reliable and be able to support different kinds of web design platforms and sites. And if in case even after looking at all the above mentioned aspects, you are not able to decide on the best hosting provider for yourself, then you can perhaps try out certain websites which allow for comparisons to be made between the various deals being offered and the corresponding rates quoted. Besides such sites also provide a lot of information on various website hosting firms and publish periodic reviews and customer feedbacks. Thus it helps in making the right choice with respect to choosing a good hosting provider for your website.

    Most importantly, in your search for the best website hosting providers be absolutely clear about your requirements and expectations from the hosting firm. For it all adds up in the end to get you the best website for yourself.
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  • HortHort Member
    VPS accounts from hostingsource.com and legionbox.com are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    Really great services! It's unbelievable to get such great services at such cheap prices.

  • geethaageethaa Member, Provider

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is the best option for those who want to enjoy the advantages of a dedicated server in the shared server environment. But is not much easy to pick a VPS provider. Before picking the VPS hosting provider, I would definitely recommend you to consider the following factors.

    1. Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS

    When you are a tech savy, if you wish, you can opt for unmanaged VPS. In case, if you technically clueless or not ready to involve in other extra works, managed VPS would be the best one for you.

    2. Quality of support

    Before hooking up with a VPS service provider, always cross-check the quality of the technical support they offer. Also, make sure whether they are readily available on different platforms like phone calls, live chat, and email to offer technical support.

    3. Server stability

    The server where your website hosted must be stable enough to cope with different kinds of web design platforms.

    If in case, you are still cannot able to come to a conclusion. It is better to go for a well-emerged branded player who is in the industry for the longer run. Of all, customer review is also a factor that you cannot neglect. 

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