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VPS to sign up with ...

Comparing VPS deals from hostingsource.com and asvhost.com, which plan is better to sign up with and why?


  • Well, I've been with hostforweb.com VPS hosting for 3,5 months, hosting a school webpage, as you should know a School website requires a high traffic amount, we are hosting several platforms on it, including virtual classes, 400/600 visitors per day,the service has had almost no downtime.

  • MaekfeeMaekfee Member
    I've been a regular customer at kvchosting.net web host, purchasing domain names for well over 8 months now. Other than that, most of the time, the people they have working for them are professional and know what they are talking about.
    They always have promos and discounts.

  • Cluster63Cluster63 Member
    edited April 12
    Both companies - hostingsource.com and asvhost.com - are worthwhile.
    They  have an awesome support team. With 100% uptime we never face any critical problem. If little problem arises, support team solve that instantly. 

  • My site is always online and accessible to my visitors, I am glad and happy to deal with cloudarion.com SSDVPS hosting. They have fast servers, my sites are running fast. I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this host is a trustworthy one.

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