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Which VPS is the best - either asvhost.com or libertyvps.net?


  • If you make Hostplay.com your choice for offshore VPS hosting you have made a great choice as I did. I can express the point that it is a very fair and honest host. They offer fast hosting, that always online.

  • solarvpssolarvps Member

    Features of the best VPS hosting plans consist of the presence of virtualization technology of the highest quality. This goes hand in hand with the ideal hosting control panel software or tools. Some of the top control panels used in this regard includes Parallels Virtuozzo Containers in addition to SolusVM. Such panels give you the chance to enjoy the complete control over the hosting platform. Branded server hardware is used by these technologies to make your site more reliable. A few of them include branded components and highly reputable server processors.

    Ensure that you are confident of prompt and efficient client service at all times. This should cover all features of technical support as well. There has to be a service level agreement that offers clear guidelines on what you should expect from the VPS hosting company. The agreement needs to show you how much network uptime to look forward to. Other service features which need to be certain include routine and regular backups. Monitoring of the server needs to be a proactive measure rather than a responsive one by the hosting company.

    Solar VPS is a leading hosting provider of secure and easy website hosting services in USA. Discover why thousands of customers trust us to handle their hosting needs.
  • Take a look at centohost.com VPS hosting solutions. Any problems or questions are handled quickly & efficiently. Every support ticket I have put in has been responded to in under 5 minutes and just about every ticket I have put in has been fully resolved within about 10 to 15 minutes.

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