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How much does it cost to host a simple website?

MarionMorrisMarionMorris Member, Provider


The reason behind choosing this topic is, to discuss which hosting providers offer the best services at a cheaper rate to host a simple website. We will talk about services, features, and costs in which I would like to introduce you to some hosting providers that bring an opportunity to expand your business with the help of their services.

Some recommended hosting providers are;

1.      Bluehost

2.      DomianRacer

3.      InMotion Hosting


  • sumeethannurkarsumeethannurkar Member, Provider

    Depends on the hosting company. You can find from $1 and above

  • There is no need to choose a host with the fastest ticket response time, but choose one with who you feel you communicate well. If you ask me, I know these reliable hosts:
    Their professionals are able to customize any services/features you may need.

  • mrabdulrafaymrabdulrafay Member, Provider
    You can explore the plans on different websites but make sure for the purpose you are purchasing, for hosting a simple website go for minimal plan but it should have good technical support in case of any issue they are available to assist you. 
  • TuchaTucha Member, Provider
    TuchaHosting allows you to place your website on a reliable hosting, securely place websites and mail in the cloud on reliable virtual servers (mainly in Germany).

    Traffic, databases, mailboxes, FTP-accounts are not charged and are provided without restrictions.

    We will help you transfer sites and mail.

    You can choose a ready-made configuration or customize your own.  More details at tucha.cloud
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