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Suggest me a way to archive my mails

MeganHealyMeganHealy Member, Provider

I created my website last year but now I am moving it to another web hosting server because they are providing some additional features to me but before that my colleagues told me to archive all mails to my USB so that we can easily access them. But the problem is that we don't know any method or tool to archive mails. Please suggest any process.


  • TuchaTucha Member, Provider
    You can solve email archiving problems with GFI Archiver.  GFI Software's Archiver software solution is designed to centrally archive all corporate mail and documents.  It not only solves the problem of a single point of failure, but also provides access to all archived items in real time.
  • MeganHealyMeganHealy Member, Provider
    Thanks but I found Mail Backup X as a solution
  • farbytefarbyte Member, Provider
    For future reference, in case anybody else has this problem, another solution is to use an email client like Thunderbird, configure it with your email account details (IMAP or POP3) & then create a local folder to hold your email messages.
    Then simply drag the email messages from your email account to the local folder. It may take a while to copy over.
    Later when you set up your email account with your new provider, you should be able to simply drag & drop the emails from the local folder to the inbox of the new account & they will copy to the server.

    Another option is to use a tool like imapsync. This is the preferred option if you have multiple email accounts to migrate.
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