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SSD hosting - is it necessary?

kiralkiral Member, Provider
I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites?

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  • SarahCapaSarahCapa Member, Provider
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    If you want your websites to run fast, then yes. David007 above basically covers all the advantages: faster, more reliable and longer-lasting. The only drawback is the price! Hosting that offer this might cost more but we've found it really worth it. We use Rocket.net and our site runs reliably and quickly.


  • Yes, there are many benefits to WordPress SSD Hosting. SSD (solid-state drives) are drives that store your server data on interconnected flash memory chips that will retain data even when power connectivity is lost.

    Here are the benefits of SSD 


    With HDD, you can recover lost data easily in the event of catastrophic failure. HDD recovery is expensive and less guaranteed.

    In addition, an SSD will often give warnings before failure, allowing your hosting provider to make the changes before a failure. On the other hand, HDD rarely give warnings before they go out

    Speed and Durability

    SSDs shine than HDDs even during normal use. SSDs increase your website performance exponentially. If you’re running a database intensive e-commerce cart or a static HTML site, this is more important.

    SSDs are also cooler to maintain than HDDs.


    An SSD needs less power to operate. It also produces less friction than HDD. This means a lower energy bill and more efficient runtime. It also keeps cooling costs down.

  • kiral said:
    I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites?

    Kvchosting.net is a great deal for my personal webexperience in their shared hosting package. After contacting them I got a quick reply that was not automated, but an actual person answering. Throughout the questions I fired at them, always a quick, personalized, effective, useful, cooperative response.

  • Asgard87Asgard87 Member, Provider
    kiral said:
    I've seen hosting providers offer SSD hosting. Do I need this for my WordPress websites?
    It won't hurt if you do. SSD has demonstrated history of superior performance for hosting as compared to HDD. Now I know that there will be a lot of web devs stating advantages of both, but frankly, it is a preference. Some like the hardware some don't, but it doesn't take away the fact that SSD has better performance. 

    If you want to go for WordPress, you can look at Bluehost India's servers, for WP hosting with SSD. Price is fairly okay but support and performance are par excellence. The brand name really delivers here, I must add.
  • Divya165Divya165 Member, Provider
    SSD stands for “solid-state disk” drive, which is a type of energy that doesn’t have moving parts (if you’re interested in more detailed technical explanations, you can read more about SSD drives here).

    Although they’re more valuable than conventional drives, SSD drives are much larger than their budget hard disk drive (HDD) matches. Because they don’t have moving parts, they’re much more flexible and strong. They also have lower latency, which suggests they can find and serve files to you and your guests much faster.

    Just like a lot of computers are sold with SSD drives, web servers can be provided with them too. Your website’s files are saved on these drives much like your files are stored on your computer’s hard drive

    Why is SSD hosting so important?

    1. Speed
    2. Reliability

  • MeganHealyMeganHealy Member, Provider
    1. Faster speed
    2. Less Power Consumption
    3. Hardware reliability
  • sumeethannurkarsumeethannurkar Member, Provider

    Yes to speed up website as SSD speed is 10x of normal sata drive

  • If you are considering hosting a WordPress website, SSD hosting will give quicker responses on your website, which will boost users to stay on your site for longer, and that could lead to improved sales. A WordPress enhanced host will mean less work for you, improved support, and quite possibly, better rankings on Google too.

    SSD Hosting has non-volatile properties assembly it more dependable in every sense. Some hosting providers are now proposing this kind of hosting and you will find excessive value when you lastly decide to try it out.

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