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VPS Hosting Provider is Required

Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a web hosting provider for someone who is starting out building websites.
What I'm looking for:
1) support multiple domains
2) good with wordpress
3) suports Cpanel
4) I'm good with $30-$40 a month
I'm just starting out and have no experience with web service providers, the only think I have picked out is my domain name.
What are your views on Hostry.com SSDVPS hosting solutions? Reliable or not?

thx for your help


  • I got the Hostry.com treatment and I'm never looking back! Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough. I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service. Recommend this hosting to other webmasters and newbies.

  • kiralkiral Member, Provider
    You can try Rocket.net - I am currently using it, it has a simple control panel and the team is very responsive, so they gon help you if you get confused. And it does support multiple domains 
  • ewallhostewallhost Member, Provider
    Hi, you can try with eWallHost web services https://www.ewallhost.com/, we have both HDD and SSD plans, free data migration, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Try VPS accounts from legionbox.com and hostnamaste.com as they are proven to be the best.
    Don't hesitate to switch to them. They make it easy and you can go on with peace of mind.

  • So, you have definite to lease Virtual Private Server (VPS)? That is insolent idea as VPSs are low-priced than dedicated servers and for best hosting operators they will be very acceptable.

    A good VPS hosting provider must be able to provide the complete RAM necessary by the operators. It is said that usually a linux server needs 128 MB RAM but it is safer to get 512 MB if both windows and linux servers are to be used. A good VPS system should also be able to support JAVA benefit being speed, safety and stress-free accessibility of vital backups. It is essential for VPS hosting services to deliver their customers with virtualization platform for ease of use and familiarity. A good hosting provider should be able to deal with serious situations.

    Reviews are a must for all hosting providers and there is nothing much anyone can do to create good reviews except providing good service.

    Contact CoolHandle now for the reliable web hosting in USA with 24*7 support for anything – domain names, website hosting, Dedicated servers, & VPS hosting.
  • If you need reliable hosting service along with helpful, responsive customer support, then bodHOST is one place I can recommend to those looking for a new host. Well, the features fit my needs perfectly. I recommend this decent web host.
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