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Email Issue

I have a strange issue. I am having a cPanel server and my mails are hosted on MXroute. What happens is if someone website is hosted on my server tried to email me email, instead of routing to MXroute, it sends the email internally. Outside my server.

Any idea how can I change this? 


  • pingservpingserv Member, Provider

    Please try to change mail IP's on new domain. following below edit on your cpanel server

    vi /etc/mailips

    IP_address : domain_name

    Thank You.
  • farbytefarbyte Member, Provider
    In cPanel go to EMail > Email Routing & make sure Remote Mail Exchanger is set for the domain.
    Then under Domains > Manage Zone, make sure the MX record is set correctly for the remote mail provider.
  • sumeethannurkarsumeethannurkar Member, Provider

    You need to change your domain entry to /etc/remotedomains so its delivered to remote server

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