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Right server to have a deal with ...

Servers from hostingsource.com and legionbox.com are to my liking and I have to select the best one for hosting a forum, any ideas?


  • Try servers from bodhost.com. I have been using bodhost.com cheapest dedicated hosting plan for more than 1 year. I have good things only to say about them the staff members there are all extremely helpful and have always gone out of their way to assist me when I have needed it. The claim of 99.95% uptime holds true.
  • I have been through a number of different hosting providers, but not one of them in the past like Hostingsource.com hosting. Recently, I went through a process to extend my hosting and domain. the process was really smooth, the online staffs explain everything concern that I have.

  • HortHort Member
    Both mentioned companies - hostingsource.com and legionbox.com - are worth trying.
    Count me a satisfied customer. They are cost-competitive and service oriented. 

  • Nice server hosting deals offered by Bullten.com and Exmasters.com providers. Their team can help you to move all content (files, scripts, mysql) from another host without downtime for free.

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