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Good USA VPS hosting?

I need help to choose reliable host along with helpful techs.
Server location required: USA. I found hostingsource.com - their VPS Hosting (SSD) deals look quite good.
I need hosting account with 150 gbs of HD + 1500 gbs of bandwidth.
What host is better? And why?


  • VPS Hosting signifies the mid ground in the web hosting business. For individuals that want the complete root access of a Dedicated Server, deprived of the hefty price tag, VPS Hosting serves out exceptional value for money.

    In VPS hosting, every server tracks its own operating system. The operators will be provided with great level contact to the OS (Operating System); they can connect any software that runs on the OS. VPS is impeccable for a user who looks for full control of their server in a safe environment. VPS has some abundant features like great quad-core nodes, full root/administrator access, fortified with all FFMpeg & Red5 modules powered by cPanel & centos Linux.

    Formerly you start VPS hosting, do look out for the top concern which delivers actual client support and promises provider and hosting location which helps to load your pages fast. Select a business or concern which delivers monthly plans instead of going for yearly contracts. In case you have problem with the VPS hosting business, you can change it to another one quicker instead of waiting for the year to go by.

    Solar VPS is a leading hosting provider of secure and easy website hosting services in USA. Discover why thousands of customers trust us to handle their hosting needs.
  • KVChosting.net and rockhoster.com plans are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    All the components are perfectly matched, they harmonize with each other without any performance losses. These are ideal conditions for reliable server operations , optimal security and the highest availability. 

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become very popular means of web hosting. Creating VPS's basically involves splitting the resources of a very powerful server into several parts and making those parts behave as if they were independent servers. With this approach, each part, i.e VPS, can have its own operating system and software. All kinds of changes can be done to VPS without affecting any other VPS that shares the same physical server.

    There are three major factors that are used by hosting providers in their VPS plans.

    RAM - Random Access Memory (RAM) is a very important factor that affects the performance of a VPS significantly. It is recommended that you choose a plan that offers enough RAM for your application. Since it is one of the costlier components of a server, it greatly affects the price of a VPS.

    Storage - This is the amount of disk space you get with the VPS. It includes the space required for the operating system, installed software like a web server, your application code, content, etc. As a website grows, content becomes the major portion of the storage. When choosing the amount of disk space, consider all of these factors.

    Data Transfer - It is the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer to and from your VPS. Some providers have separate limits for in and out transfer. Data transfer is sometimes referred as bandwidth, though that term is not entirely correct.

    Just remember that selecting an affordable plan from a reputable VPS provider is always better than a cheaper plan from an obscure company.
    Contact CoolHandle now for the reliable web hosting in USA with 24*7 support for anything – domain names, website hosting, Dedicated servers, & VPS hosting.
  • I am here to recommend you to look at a good alternative - exmasters.com provider. Very good with their standard products. Their reliability and price makes up for it though as it is very seldom that I do require to contact their support desk.

  • I have two domains hosted at hostingsource.com and just renewed both for a third year after looking around for better deals and, as usual, finding none. This web host also provides web development so they can even answer questions about your website.

  • I've finally found a good home with hostingsource.com web hosting. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients. I am quite satisfied with the service they provide, as well as the customer service and customer support & team.

  • mhosting_inmhosting_in Member, Provider
    Maekfee said:
    I need help to choose reliable host along with helpful techs.
    Server location required: USA. I found hostingsource.com - their VPS Hosting (SSD) deals look quite good.
    I need hosting account with 150 gbs of HD + 1500 gbs of bandwidth.
    What host is better? And why?

    we provide you dedicated server

    250 GB HDD SATA
    100mbit unmeter Bandwidth
    4 RAM
    100 Mb Link
  • VPS accounts from asvhost.com and hosting.uk are well-balanced and cheap.
    Ultra fast response time, and no set up fees. Plus I think their monthly fees are unbeatable. 

  • ewallhostewallhost Member, Provider
    Hi, You can check with eWallHost web services, We offer VPS server at an affordable cost and more offers. 

    1. Low-cost High Performance.
    2. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed.
    3. 24/7 Customer Support.
    4. Free Control Panel.
    5.Free Data migration
    6. VM with Root Access.

    Kindly check with this link https://www.ewallhost.com/  Our support team will help you with getting information.

    https://www.ewallhost.com/linux-vps-hosting - Check with this link for VPS 
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