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need reliable hosting. Any help?

rockoloprockolop Member
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Hello! need hosting: 30 gbs of disk space, Linux, 600 gbs of bandwidth.
Are you aware of SSD Cloud hosting?
Are they good enough, so I can start considering and using them?


  • I would like to invite you to take a look at our UK VPS plans https://sonicfast.io/vps-kvm.php you can also choose OpenVZ servers which are cheaper, both types are in UK, with 100Gbps DDoS mitigation (Corero Smartwall) and 24/7 Live support.
  • Reliable hosting is one of the most significant features for your business on the web and is a critical component of any commercial strategy. Hosting is a must and there are a range of hosting opportunities that carry the specific needs of your web site. At all times test out the Tech Support Staff for reply time,ease of use etc... before selecting a provider.

    Reliable web-hosting is key to e-commercial success in that it gives the consumer a consistent experience while preventing down-time on the site that could cost the company in question hundreds, thousands and maybe even tens of thousands in revenue.

    As there are many hosting service providers to choose from. I suggest you do a thoroughly study. You'll be able to find some really good deals that will eventually fit your monthly budget.

    In order to improve the performance and the computing power of the systems, most cloud hosting providers make use of Solid State Drive (SSD) that acts primarily as a cache and can reduce the data access time of the system. Therefore, taking some time out to do appropriate research before choosing an SSD cloud services can help you get your money's worth and make sure that your website is secure and fast.

    Contact CoolHandle now for the reliable web hosting in USA with 24*7 support for anything – domain names, website hosting, Dedicated servers, & VPS hosting.
  • MyWebSMyWebS Member
    KVChosting.net and owned-networks.net plans are worth trying.
    They are the most professional, organized and customer-centric hosting companies that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The customer service reps are as polite as they are confident in their abilities to address any and all questions. I always leave the conversations feeling better than when I entered them. Nevertheless, they have earned my loyalty as a lifelong customer.

  • Taking into account your needs, can recommend Kvchosting.net, Arvixe.com and QHoster.com - I initially signed up with one web host and was really pleased until I discovered there were certain packages that did not get compiled into their hosting package.

  • Reliability can be said to be the most important component that makes a good and trustworthy web host. There is no notion of having the utmost bandwidth and disk space with the newest operating system if your site is deafening every other day. Your site visitors would not be worried how fancy your site is and what matters it contains if they cannot access to it. Consequently, it is imperative that your web host is able to provide a reliable service.

    For smooth running of your website it is necessary that your servers are with multiple fast connections, which is provided by reliable web servers. To keep your website safe from unwelcome intruders and also regarding its security the hosting company's firewall is the best provision. Also, filtering of spam and virus feature is essential along with the email facilities. All these things are again possible only with the help of Reliable Web Hosting.

    You should choose Reliable Hosting not by just looking at its price but whether it is able to understand and meet your needs. Than, you can take your budget into consideration and select whichever is apt for you and your business.

    If you want a reliable web hosting, there is nobody else who can do a better job than SolarVPS Hosting. Why? It is not only about their 99.9% uptime. They are much more than that.

    Solar VPS is a leading hosting provider of secure and easy website hosting services in USA. Discover why thousands of customers trust us to handle their hosting needs.
  • rockolop said:
    Hello! need hosting: 30 gbs of disk space, Linux, 600 gbs of bandwidth.

    One of my favorite web hosts is cloudarion.com pretty obviously. Was impressed by their uptime, speed connectivity and professionalism of their support techs. So far, you will experience great network uptime, and the servers will be fast.

  • I know Tzulo.com is a nice place where you can get cloud website hosting solutions. The customer service is prompt and will get you the information you need to make your website function the best. Every conversation was pleasant and helpful.

  • Asgard87Asgard87 Member, Provider
    rockolop said:
    Hello! need hosting: 30 gbs of disk space, Linux, 600 gbs of bandwidth.
    Are you aware of SSD Cloud hosting?
    Are they good enough, so I can start considering and using them?

    Yes, if you are looking for SSD cloud, I suggest you get in touch with ResellerClub. In my opinion, your requirements are something their plans will be able to offer. 

    Let me know and I hope this helps you :)
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