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Need a server to buy for hosting a forum ...

Servers from owned-networks.net and legionbox.com are provided on sweet terms and I have to stick to the best one, so what is that from your point of view?


  • RuskinFRuskinF Member
    Well, you cannot just host a forum. You also need a budding space alongside it to develop support for the forum.
    As far as the Forum is concerned, you can use the legion box.
    But if you need to hold any other important service you can rely on Apps4Rent.
    I have used their services in the past. And they were supportive and friendly.

  • FolcostokFolcostok Member

    When it comes to hosting, go for the time tested and trusted brands in the hosting business like Inmotionhosting.com , Bullten.com and also Tzulo.com - they offer a great list of dedicated servers to choose from. Pricing, features are really nice.

  • HortHort Member
    Use servers from time-tested companies: hostingsource.com and hostround.com.
    Courteous, responsive, understanding, and accommodating when it came to my requests.

  • RootballRootball Member
    I'd rather choose Bullten.com servers. This host has great, timely support. They will go as far as to recommend other companies and solutions, if what you require is not within their domain of service.

  • rockoloprockolop Member

    I have been extremely satisfied running my sites at Kvchosting.net, Inmotionhosting.com and Hostforweb.com - they are reliable. They have an amazing reputation for providing secured hosting service at very competitive price along with superb customer service.

  • You'd better choose cloudarion.com server hosting deals. Locations: Switzerland, Germany, Russia, USA.
  • Daniel165Daniel165 Member, Provider
    You should use both of the Host providers. 
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