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VPS to buy from a decent provider ...

Comparing VPS accounts from rockhoster.com and inxy.com,  which way would you follow and why?


  • Both these looking good VPS Hosting providers. However, I would suggest to check their clients reviews and pricing and after compare. 

    You can also check the VPS Hosting Providers Offers here:
  • MaekfeeMaekfee Member
    I have been very happy with QHoster.com web hosting. After using them for several professional projects, I moved my personal stuff there this year. It's been great! I’m perfectly fine with sharing server resources with other websites. I’m saving considerably on website costs and all that reflects on my business bottom line.

  • GomarryGomarry Member
    VPS accounts from asvhost.com and hostingsource.com can be suitable for you.
    Always quick responses to any of my needs! Technical assistance has been great.

  • RuskinFRuskinF Member
    Rockhoster is the best host among the two.
    They have a quick response time and the customer service is as great as O365CloudExperts and Apps4Rent.
    I hope you make a decision after careful consideration.

  • FolcostokFolcostok Member

    I am quite happy using Rockhoster.com web hosting services and would recommend them to all webmasters. They are solidly reliable, highly expedient at tech support and very competitive for the pricing.

  • RootballRootball Member

    I have been using rockhoster.com for quite a long period of time and must say that everything has been fantastic. I had a recent support call with them and the tech spent 45 minutes with me on-line trying to fix my problem - that's why I must say that their customer service is great as well.

  • solarvpssolarvps Member
    VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is the most sought after hosting solution today. The virtualization technologies used in VPS significantly enhance performance and functionality of websites. In this hosting, a server is sliced into multiple virtual servers, and each virtual server acts as a dedicated server. Websites hosted on these servers enjoy all the features of a dedicated server, but actually they share the server with several other websites.

    Switching to a VPS Hosting (Virtual Dedicated Server) has awful implications as well as its important to be familiar with the features and benefits of VPS so your investment can repay you with rich dividends which you makes on Hosting of your websites.

    A VPS is suitable for businesses that need a better control over their servers, but don't want to invest in expensive dedicated server hosting.

    Dedicated server hosting needs you to be a technical savvy. So people who lack in the area, shouldn't go for dedicated server hosting. They can opt for VPS hosting instead. Although with all types of hosting platforms there are some pros and cons attached, VPS hosting offer more benefits than shared and economical solution than dedicated server hosting.

    Solar VPS provides the best and cheap VPS Server Hosting in USA. Get Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS hosting at an affordable price.
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