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What host is better ?

- 100 gbs of disk space, - 2 tb of bandwidth, - Linux, - 24/7 customer support
& I also need to register 2 .net domains
Any recommendations please? What host is better ? Any info on KVChosting.net website hosting services? Any reviews please?


    • I would advise you to go for wpx hosting.
      Or you could use kvchosting.
      They are good as well.

      Among the two I would suggest you go for wpx hosting. Their support service is one of the best.
    • All staffs are patience and they try to help you and solve your problem even if takes time for several days. All departments in kvchosting.net know how to handle and manage works and better than that is their manner with clients.
    • Make sure you'll have something like personal representative or sales representative in the hosting provider so you can easy deal with various issues related to service usage.

      Try to compare these web hosts: Canspace.ca and also Libertyvps.net - they offer really cool hosting accounts along with latest features - pricing is nice.
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