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Why is a dedicated server from Overwin Internet Solutions LTD better than a VPS?

To place any data on the Internet, it is necessary to store it. But for certain tasks, the simplest servers are enough, while some require significant resources and a distributed server may not be enough. Overwin Internet Solutions company allows you to rent dedicated physical servers for various purposes. So, why buy more expensive dedicated servers instead of using virtual ones? Let's try to answer this question.

Advantages of VPS hosting

Comparing the VPS server with the usual shared server, you can point out the increased security. You are no longer as dependent on other clients. Physically, you are still using the same equipment together with other people, but at the software level, the resource allocation structure is no longer as dependent on a load of tenants in the neighborhood. More often than not, the software is already installed on the server, which can be replaced if necessary (if the terms of the contract allow it). Many hosting companies allow you to flexibly change the available resources and increase the load. At the same time, you always know how many resources you can use. Each client has its own IP address and you are protected if other clients are attacked. The main advantage is the possibility to rent several different server configurations on one machine if you have projects on different operating systems.

The advantages of a dedicated server

A dedicated server differs from other types of hosting in that it is literally a separate physical machine. It costs a lot more and is necessary for significant requirements to achieve your objectives. A dedicated server is usually provided completely without software and you will have to spend a lot of effort to properly configure and install everything you need. Usually, dedicated servers are not as flexible as VPS, but Overwin Internet Solutions LTD offers different solutions. You can choose the server you need on the website https://overwinteam.com with the right characteristics and location. And if you need to increase or decrease the available resources easily and quickly adjust to changing needs. You also get a serious level of security of your data and the ability to connect additional devices to the server. 

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