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Hosting for ecommerce and high sql queries

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Let me explain my issue.
I need to run a e-commerce site and run more than 1 lack query per hour for few days till I need to insert the products via a API/web scraping.

My current hosting has a limit of 45000 queries per hour, which is very less.
Can someone suggest a budget hosting for same?
Any info on Dailyrazor.com or Hostforweb.com web hosting providers? What is better from your points?
Should me able to run php codes.


  • You'd better go with Hostforweb.com web hosting provider.
    The customer service is prompt and will get you the information you need to make your website function the best. The server uptime and overall speed performance are outstanding and consistent.
  • I've been working with Hostforweb.com for a little over a year now and I have to say their customer service is second to none. Every time I have a question or need their assistance I find them to be quick to answer and quick to act.
    The Support is fantastic.
  • I've been with Hostforweb.com for 6 months now and couldn't be happier!
    I switched all my WordPress sites over to them and have been VERY impressed with these guys.
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