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Need help with choosing a host

I need help choosing a host. I need managed hosting with cpanel, at least 2gb of ram, around 60gb of storage. 

I will be running 2 to 3 websites using wordpress and buddypress for one of the sites.

I have good experience with one web host but they are kind of expensive. 

My budget is $50 to $70 a month.

Do you know anything about CoreSpace.com cloud service? Are they reliable? Any reviews?

What other providers can you suggest me visiting?


  • Cluster63Cluster63 Member
    Try deals from kvchosting.net and hostingsource.com as they are proven to be the best.
    I couldn't be happier with them as I write this. I highly recommend them, absolutely fabulous. 

  • Divya165Divya165 Member, Provider
    Have seen Host.co.in a shared hosting plan to be one of the cheapest and most efficient. They are starting off at just INR 125 per month which is a steal if you ask me for all the resources they provide.

    You can manage your site via cPanel and also get unlimited disk space and extend it if you like to. Their shared plans are best for new sites and the critical part is that they have 99.95% uptime. So, that is a good sign for those who are looking for constant uptime.

    Also, Get 30% OFF Shared Hosting, Use Code SHRD30, Offer will end on 30'June 2021. for more shared hosting plans visit: https://www.host.co.in/linux-shared-hosting
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