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A Secure Remote Access to Digital Transformation

Amidst COVID-19, technological innovations have not only transformed the way business is done but have enhanced hacking techniques. The threat of security breaches with an extended perimeter of workplaces is a reality everyone is facing. To ensure a secure remote working environment, ESDS offers a clientless SSL VPN solution called eNlightWebVPN.

What is eNlight Web VPN?

ESDS eNlightWebVPN is the first client-less SSL VPN solution with built-in WAF (Web Application Firewall) delivering multi-factor authentication securing your remote working environment from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. Eliminating the need to deploy hardware and software in every device, ESDS eNlightWebVPN becomes the cost-effective solution. Deploy this software-defined solutionon public Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cloud ensuring private secure access to your desktop.

Problems in the Existing System?

·         Client Based: Installation of VPN client on every device

·         User Frustration: Service delivery delay due to application slowness and performance issues

·         Security and Scalability: Application security on the internet a major concern for businesses with high scalability and availability

·         High Pricing: Client-based and clientless VPN solutions are costly

·         User Analytics:  Unable to get a complete real-time overview of all remote access users 

What Do We Offer?

·         Clientless: No need to install any VPN client

·         High Security: Multi-factor authentication Built-in WAF preventing OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

·         Cost-Effective: Reduced VPN cost as hardware or software are not deployed on every device

Why Should You Choose eNlight Web VPN?

·         Supports Windows, MAC, Linux, and mobile OS

·         Supports HTML5 applications, Websocket, RDP, FTP protocols, CGI applications

·         Integrate with multiple identity providers simultaneously (AD, LDAP, Radius, etc.)

·         Multifactor authentication with SMS and Email OTP

·         Time-based OTP with Google and Microsoft Authenticator

·         WAF protects from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

·         Granular Application Access Control

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