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Searching for VPS hosting service for my friend

Hello guys,

Can anyone share you information regards VPS hosting providers with night ship can be much attractive, please suggest a good provider for this.

Also, please suggest should I consider a linux server for this ?


  • VPS accounts from legionbox.com are worth your attention.
    They know what they're doing and they're nice about it when you don't have a clue.

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  • RootballRootball Member
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    Well, I know Netshop-isp.com.cy is one of the best places to order VPS hosting solutions.

    Efficient work, good staff, nice experience.

  • So, you have decided to lease a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? That is cool idea as VPSs are inexpensive than dedicated servers and for most hosting operators they will be very sufficient.

    A major benefit of using a VPS hosting service is affordability. Virtual server hosting packages typically price just a fraction of the cost a business might incur from using a dedicated server solution. As with a dedicated server platform, VPS hosting providers give customers full root or admin access to the virtual server, which gives site owners and server administrators the freedom to connect any proprietary software or applications they want.

    Another advantage to using a virtual server hosting package is the peace of mind that managed hosting can deliver to site owners and IT managers. Most of the important providers of VPS hosting solutions offer 24/7 technical support, with fast turnaround times for issue resolution, as well as a robust network service level agreement that promises server uptimes of 99% or higher.

    We provide web hosting solutions and collaboration services to individuals and companies. We also offer web hosting services, as well as flexible solutions for unlike hosting requirements.

    Contact CoolHandle now for the reliable web hosting in USA with 24*7 support for anything – domain names, website hosting, Dedicated servers, & VPS hosting.
  • rockoloprockolop Member
    Before choosing a web host check if they offer the flexibility of upgrading to a higher VPS, just in case you run out of the allocated resources. Try to look at:
    Uptime is fantastic and the ability to upgrade and downgrade is a plus.

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