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Can hosting provider guarantee website security?

kiralkiral Member, Provider
Do web hosting companies provide security for your WordPress site? How does it work?


  • If you are an owner of a website, you would certainly have the idea that your website is on constant danger due to the vast activity in the internet. Maintaining the security of your website is a huge priority if you want to keep your business safe. However, many website owners neglect this part in their daily tasks.

    In order to be a secure web hosting, the plan has to comprise SSL, AntiSpam, Antivirus solution, Anti-Denial of service, a secure hosting control panel and an outstanding support team complete to help you rapidly and skilfully when you will need it

    Nowadays, there are numerous hosting firms who are working hard in order to offer comprehensive protection to online business from the deceitful activities of the cyber criminals by ensuring decent hosting security services. Such hosting firms are certainly on top of the security procedures and programs that will make sure that the website is safe and secure.

    To conclude, a secure hosting company must give you the right tools and a safe environment in which you will be able to grow a safer and a more prosperous business online.

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  • SarahCapaSarahCapa Member, Provider
    Most hosting comes with in-built security but you should always check! I've been working with Rocket.net, who offer security with their WordPress installs (and an SSL certificate for when you're handling customer payment details).
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